Multifamily Building Analyst Curriculum

In collaboration with the 32BJ Training Fund, the largest property services workers union in the United States, we created a complete suite of educational tools to prepare superintendents, building operators, and property managers to pass the nationally recognized Multifamily Building Analysts BPI certification exam and obtain their MFBA certificate.

In the 12-unit exam preparation course, students learn how to survey a building’s envelope, mechanical system, and electrical system while using relevant ratings and formulas for measuring energy loss and potential savings. The curriculum focuses on the MFBA’s role in:

  1. Inspecting and inventorying energy loss in the building structure and systems
  2. Proposing Energy Efficiency Measures (EEMs)
  3. Calculating the potential energy and cost savings from these measures

To create the MFBA program, we started with the development of visual learning tools. We built a virtual multifamily building and used it as the backdrop for the lessons taught within the course. We developed diagrams/schematics for complex building systems, 3D illustrations, and instructional aids.

We designed visually rich print materials:

  • Instructor lesson plan
  • Student workbook
  • Practice tests

We developed digital curriculum materials:

  • 12 classroom powerpoint presentations
  • Interactive exercises
  • 12 online “train-the-trainer” modules
  • Supplemental on-site training videos

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