ILT for Real Estate Professionals

We developed an instructor-led training (ILT) for CoreNet Global, a professional organization for commercial real estate professionals. This seminar examines the emerging field of workplace strategy.

Working with subject matter experts from North America and Asia, we established learning objectives and developed three highly interactive workshops, complete with in-depth case studies and collaborative group learning activities. The seminar examines examples from Fortune 500 companies, government agencies, and other organizations.

This training is required for Corenet Global’s Masters in Corporate Real Estate –Workplace (MCR.w), a professional designation recognized throughout the commercial real estate industry.

“Our members/SMEs are as demanding and exacting as they are passionate, knowledgeable and authoritative. Eric and his team have done a masterful job of harnessing the brainpower and expertise of our volunteers, respecting their time, expressing appreciation for their efforts and capitalizing fully on their contributions. They have received many compliments from a group that I would describe as tough judges (myself included!).”

Suzanne Verity, Vice President of Education, CoreNet Global
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